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Surprise Car Show!

July 12, 2022
Never underestimate the strength and longevity of a friendship! David is a rehabilitation resident of ours and one of his good friends, Bill, reached out to our Activity Department wanting to do something special to uplift David's spirits, along with the other residents residing at French Creek.

Bill is a member of a group that takes serious pride in their historical vehicles. Bill shared that they usually plan weekly meet-ups to catch up and grab lunch together, all while riding in style to and from their destination! He thought, what better way than to swing by with the crew and show off their cars to the residents, families, staff members, and most importantly, to David. Bill wanted this to be a TOTAL surprise, so we did not tell David the cars that would be cruising in!

When the time came, we had a crowd of residents gathered outside our front entrance, waiting to get a good look at all of the classic cars that cruised in one by one. The sound of the engines roaring was like no other. It was so awesome to see all of the different makes and models of the oldie cars. They parked along the side of the facility and came to say hi to residents that had just watched them drive in.

They then popped the hoods of their cars to really show off the beauty of the beasts for all to see! To finish out this memorable day, David’s friends made him a poster, and each of them signed it. David was truly speechless. This day was overflowing with happiness, enthusiasm and appreciation. All of us at The Woods on French Creek felt honored to be a part of this surprise. A big shoutout to Bill for coming up with this extravagant surprise for David and everyone at French Creek!

Head over to our Facebook page to see more photos of the classic cars that showed up!

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